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International outsourcing is used especially by companies with advanced economies that partially direct their activity to companies located in developing countries, especially to reduce costs, but there may also be adjustment costs, in the form of job losses. work, a process visible especially at the micro-economic level.

In the field of outsourcing, the novelty consists in the fact that it has grown within the services. For a long time, the services sector was considered impenetrable by international competition, but with the improvement of communications technology, services can cross political boundaries on the airwaves, while gaining access to accessible but well-prepared labor resources.

Based on the professionalism of the specialists we have, we prepare together import-export consulting services, transports, fiscal and financial deposits that will help the interested companies.

Outsourcing logistics services

The company’s strategy is based on competence, professionalism, experience, safety, trust, stability and flexibility, the aim being to educate our clients to accumulate specialized information in the field of international trade relations, customs formalities and warehousing services.

Types of outsourced services:

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