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Pabllo Logistics organizes domestic and international road transport of goods on various routes.

Types of road transport by quantity:

  • Complete truck (FTL);
  • Groupage (LTL).

Types of trucks/vans

  • Vans – 0.8 to
  • Vignettes – 1.4 tons for fast transport of small consignments of goods;
  • Trucks of 3.5 tons payload (vans and tarpaulins) for small and medium loads of goods;
  • Trucks of 20 tons, 13.62m length, approx. 90 cubic meters capacity (vans and tarpaulins);
  • Trucks of 20 special tons: jumbo and mega, with a volume of over 100 cubic meters intended for the transport of bulky goods (goods with a height of over 2.7m, up to 3m);
  • Trucks of 20 tons special van type for the transport of garments (truck equipped with horizontal bars on which the hangers with garments are placed);
  • Trucks with temperature control (from -20 degrees Celsius for frozen goods, up to +20 degrees Celsius) with a capacity of 1.4 tons, 3.5 tons and 20 tons payload;
  • Trucks for container transport of 20 tons;
  • Trucks for oversized goods.
road transport

Types of transport:

  • Normal transports (with standard trucks, general goods) – vanes, vans, tarpaulin trucks;
  • Special transports (special trucks, general goods) – Jumbo, mega, van, refrigerators, containers
  • Special transports (normal trucks, special goods) – ADR and oversized transports,
  • Special transports (special trucks, special goods) – radioactive class 7, oversized
road transport

The road transport activity in Romania is carried out based on the licenses issued by the Romanian Road Authority (A.R.R.), subordinated to the Ministry of Transports, Infrastructure and Communications.