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Oversized transport takes place both by land, with trucks, trailers and extensible trailers, and by sea, in a flat rack container system or bulk. We can offer interested customers with Project Cargo solutions.

Types of oversized transport

A shipment is considered oversized when the dimensions of the goods exceed the standard measures of volume or weight:

  • of trucks (13.6 m X 2.35 m X 2.69 m – L X l X h or 22 to)
  • or containers of:
    • 20’DV (5.89 m X 2.35 m X 2.39 m – L X l X h or 28 to),
    • 40’HC (12 m X 2.35 m X 2.69 m – L X l X h or 28.5 to).

Trailers for oversized transport are of several types, such as: LAW-BAD (floor close to the ground, swan neck), trailers that can be extended in length or width and/or in width and length.

We can operate Project Cargo solutions, in which the oversized road and air transport department is involved, as well as the maritime department (containerized or conventional).

We can also provide optimal solutions on domestic and international road transport, with the necessary authorizations as well as for naval and air transport.

In situations where the goods have as a place of unloading countries that involve several types of transport, based on our experience, we have the opportunity to perform combined transport, road – sea, road – air, providing the necessary equipment for transshipment, loading-unloading from one vehicle to another.


For each transport, our company, through the departments involved, we offer competitive solutions with the most attractive price-quality ratio.

For Project cargo, we provide transports with oversized dimensions, including ADR, class 7 (radioactive).

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