Air transport

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Pabllo Logistics carries out its cargo air transport activities in all the world’s airports, through its agents, offering international air freight transport for legal and individual persons.

Air transport

Our company can offer you to take the goods from any international airport of the world and bring in any other airport of the world in the system the only plane or combined (plane to one of the European airports (HUB) and from there with trucks to the destination).

The Air – cargo department offers you the most cost-effective and safe transport option, putting at your disposal the best price for the best transit time.

Air transport

Classification of types of air transport:

Air transport can be characterized depending on the quantity:

  • per kg / volume – package;
  • per piece – oversized;
  • by aircraft.

Air transport can be depending on the type of goods:

Air transport is the fastest mode of transport, but not the cheapest.

Pabllo Logistics through the agents we have in all countries of the world we can ensure the takeover of goods, even from EXW and their transport to the desired destination.

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