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The forwarding company was established to facilitate customers and beneficiaries of transport services the opportunity to operate without effort and extensive technical knowledge, helping to obtain competitive prices, optimizing transportation costs.

Road transport activities carried out by forwarding companies in Romania, can be performed by economic operators only based on the license for road transport activities, issued by the Romanian Road Authority – ARR, in whose administrative area the company carries out the type of related activity for which apply for a license.

The forwarding company carries out the activity of intermediation of road transport operations for a fee based on the license for activities related to road transport.

forwarding company

For the contracts and transport orders concluded by the shipping companies with the carriers, the provisions of the CMR, signed in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 19, 1956, to which Romania acceded by Decree no. 451/1972, published in the Official Gazette, Part I of December 6, 1972, and GEO no. 27/2011, regarding road transports, modified by subsequent regulations.

As a result of the clients’ requests and instructions, the forwarding company will organize the transport and will carry out related operations, protecting their interests throughout the execution of the requested services.

The forwarding company will have the necessary resources to carry out its mission, and unless otherwise agreed, the shipping company has the right to freely choose the subcontractors, but also the modes of transport and the means used. The burden of proof on the special instructions given to the shipping company is imposed on the customer.

The subcontractors of the forwarding company for the execution of its obligations are considered accepted by the client.

The forwarding company will not be able to be made, but neither will the outfit be held accountable to the client, at a higher value than the carrier owes.

For example, a beneficiary may have contracts and connections with only a few transport companies compared to a forwarding company that can offer high-performance prices due to partnerships with various carriers, multimodal transport solutions also providing support in carrying out related service contracts.

forwarding company

Pabllo Logistics – Forwarding company with activities in the fields of:

Pabllo Logistics performs besides the transport of goods other related activities, such as: warehousing of goods, customs warehouse, customs formalities, import-export consultancy, transport consultancy, customs consultancy, obtaining licenses and approvals necessary for import-export formalities, etc.