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Pabllo Logistics offers services for obtaining various permits, authorizations and licenses in Romania such as: the Romanian Ministry of Economy, the Romanian General Customs Directorate, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Romanian National Commission for the Control of Nuclear Activities, the Romanian Road Authority.


Pabllo Logistics provides representation services


Our company welcomes clients with the necessary consultancy to obtain these approvals, authorizations, licenses, etc. with information about the documents necessary for submitting the files.

Due to the long collaboration with various companies specialized in different fields, we can also offer the possibility to assist until obtaining these licenses, authorizations, approvals, etc.

Prices for licenses, authorizations, denials, etc:

  • Obtaining the MEEMA import license – 118 RON / HS code;
  • ANCEX negation – 100 EUR / negation;
  • CITES Authorization – 120 EUR / authorization;
  • Obtaining EORI – 100 RON / company;
  • Other authorizations, licenses, approvals – On request.

For more details, you can call on our online consulting services.