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Freight forwarder – the meaning?

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Q: What is a Freight Forwarder?

A: Freight Forwarder, in general terms, defines a freight forwarder, who is also known as: shipper or shipping agent, but also as a common carrier who does not operate or own ships (NVOCC), but acts as an expert in the network logistics and transportation.


Q: What services does a Forwarder provide?

A: The forwarder is the person or company that organizes shipments of goods for individuals and legal entities to take over and transport goods from a manufacturer, a customer to a final point of distribution/storage and optimizes costs by having several modes of transport, thus using and having to access to more solutions than the carrier, in short, multimodal transport.

Forwarders function and act as consolidating agents for the transport of goods globally so that the scope of specialization and action of forwarders is very wide and may have specializations in several branches, such as: handling goods and road transport domestically and internationally.

For example, the forwarder can arrange for the cargo, at the customer’s order, to be moved from a manufacturer/supplier to an airport by truck, transported to the destination city, and then moved from the airport to the beneficiary’s warehouse with another truck.


Provides services of: customs formalities, international import-export documentation, warehousing, packaging, insurance.

Q: What is the difference between Forwarder and Carrier?

A: On behalf of its customers, the forwarder can conclude transport contracts at competitive prices and perform combined transports, while the carrier only takes over the goods to transport them to various predetermined points.

Q: If I choose to ship the goods using shipping and there will be delays, who will pay?

A: Forwarders do not take responsibility in the event of delays in shipping because, as a rule, these delays may occur due to adverse weather conditions, ship failures, unforeseen changes in the route schedule, unforeseen strike strikes, or congestion in various ports. The type of transit in maritime transport is estimated and is found in offers such as ETA.

How do I find the right forwarder for my needs?

You are in luck – you have just found a company specialized in Forwarding, and other companies that offer similar services can be found by accessing the website of our partner, the Union of Shipping Companies in Romania – U.S.E.R.