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    The main purpose of the company, following the consulting services, is to educate the clients in the correct application of the information in the field of international commercial relations, international transport of goods and customs formalities. Applicants will gain a detailed knowledge of the commercial contractual clauses, resulting in a solid partnership, based on the win-win principle.

    The values that underlie the activity of Pabllo Logistics are: information, seriousness, efficiency, results.


    Import export consultancy

    Pabllo Logistics provides import export consultancy for the most accurate preparation of external import or export contracts, as well as […]

    Consulting licenses, notices, accreditations

    Pabllo Logistics offers services for obtaining various permits, authorizations and licenses in Romania such as: the Romanian Ministry of Economy, […]
    customs consultancy

    Customs consultancy

    At the headquarters or in our brokerage offices you will receive information on taxes and customs procedures, payment obligations to […]
    transport aerian

    Air freight

    Pabllo Logistics carries out its cargo air freight activities in all the world’s airports, through its agents, offering international air […]

    Oversized transport

    Oversized transport takes place both by land, with trucks, trailers and extensible trailers, and by sea, in a flat rack […]
    transport rutier

    Road transport

    Pabllo Logistics organizes domestic and international road transport of goods on various routes. Types of road transport by quantity: Complete […]
    Transport maritim


    When we talk about shipping we can say that it is a reliable means for high volume shipments, with options […]